Because the first breath only happens once


where life begins

Birth photography is a very special way to document and capture this amazing time of your growing family.

As a professional birth photographer I truly believe that every birth is so unique and beautiful that words can not do it justice. My mission is to capture a glimpse of how amazingly beautiful,strong and powerful  a woman in labor is, her support team and the immense joy and happiness that  fills the air once the baby is born.


Your birth story is unique


Birth stories tell the story of your baby's arrival in a documentary styele. The photos and slideshow are essential to have, treasure and reflect upon when the days come and go and the memories fade. A baby is born only once. You only get one chance at capturing those moments; the first breath, the first cry, the first gaze at the mom, the first reaction from siblings and so on.

The Success Checklist!




One hour phone meeting with your photographer to go over your birth plan and your birth expectations

In person meeting

Inform your provider of photographer's presence at birth


Assign someone to call the birth photographer for you

When you think you are in early labor

When you leave for your birth location

When active labor has been confirmed by a birth professional




The photographer will be with you from active labor to until approximately 2 hours post delivery

The photographer will be present but not intrusive

The photographer is not an active participant in the birth, but will contribute to the carrying and supporting energy in the room.


Why hire a professional birth photographer


You have a DSLR so why hire someone else?

It frees up Dad, Grandma or the friend who is there for moral support and allows the birthing team to be there to fully assist the Mom while the photographer acts like a fly on the wall. Plus you want them in the photos as well.

Hiring a professional photographer is the ideal way to get the results you want.

I work one on one with each client to deliver a custom event tailored to your character, offering a highly customized photographic experience. Additionally I am willing to literally put everything on hold for you to make your birth memorable.



Fresh 48 Stories

Fresh 48 stories are a great way to capture your baby at a brand new stage. This session is meant to capture the new bonding between the baby and the entire family.


Fresh 48 sessions takes place in the first 48 hours after your baby arrives, in daylight. They are 2 hours with minimal posing. You will be guided in the best light, and the goal is to capture the love you feel for your little on


Fresh 48 sessions are not only a great alternative for those who want their birth space very intimate and restricted but also a great addition to your birth story.