Birth Stories


Every birth story is unique.  It is an exciting and life changing event. I take a full documentary approach when it comes to telling your story, offering this way a highly customized and unique experience. I capture every step of your labor and delivery just as it unfolds, telling the wonderful story of your baby's entrance into this world.



Fresh 48

The session takes a documentary style approach, with very little lifestyle guidance for posing. I’ll guide you into good light, but beyond that, the session is focused on things like capturing the way you naturally look at your baby, which is far more powerful than anything I could tell you to do. I will also capture how tiny your new one is in your arms, details of your hospital room, and other things that you’ll appreciate having documented. The ultimate goal is to tell a story of your baby’s first day.

Chicago Hospital Baby Photography,  Fresh 48 session, newborn


Newborn Stories


My newborn and family sessions also take a natural simple approach, a mix between documentary and lifestyle. Taken in the comfort of your home, your baby uniqueness and the new family life are the main focus of the session.  I will follow the baby's lead and your newly acquired routine picking up on details that you'd never want to forget.

Chicago newborn photo


Family Stories

Like the rest of my sessions, family sessions also follow a documentary style, with some gentle guidance. These sessions are fun and relaxed. 

Chicago Family Session- chicago family photographer