Laura Cora- Chicago Birth Photographer

Hi. I'm Laura and this is my story.

I'm a mother and an artist that lives just outside of Chicago, in Niles. I am an introvert, calm and soft spoken. I am an observer and a listener. I am focused and determined and I have a keen eye for details. I am sensitive and have a soft spot for family. My biggest flaw is that I'm an idealist and a perfectionist.

I love raw moments and the perfect imperfection in them. I love the messy hair on a child’s face, their chocolate covered face, upset face or grumpy face. I adore them all. I love the passion children put into everything they do, and I love capturing it. I am in love with the emotions and feelings of childhood that we tend to forget as adults.

However, there is nothing more raw, chaotic and perfect then birth! I am a birth photographer because I'm addicted to the overwhelming love that fills the room when a baby is born. I'm passionate about labor and how empowering it can be. I love how vulnerable, beautiful and powerful a woman is while birthing. My job is to tell your birth story, to record how amazingly beautiful and formidable you are in those moments. My job is to capture the first breath, the first time you finally hold your baby in your arms, and the first time your baby looks into your eyes. I feel honoured and humbled every time I'm invited into such a sacred event as a birth. I am proud to be able to capture once in a lifetime moments that you will treasure forever.

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Laura Cora- Chicago Birth Phtographer